Monsieur Guerlain is about a man's admiration for the famous French perfume house of Guerlain. Unaffiliated with the brand, I have a desire to share an accumulated knowledge about the art and science of Guerlain with other fragrance fans. However, Monsieur Guerlain would not have been the same without the invaluable input from all the Guerlain lovers who comment or send messages.

Disclaimer: This website and its artwork do not represent Guerlain. This non-profit website is a news, review, and educational website and is protected by section 107 of the copyright fair use act. Some images courtesy of

The information that you find on this website has been gathered from several sources:

Personal experience. Smelling and inspection of various concentrations, vintages and bottle editions of all perfumes described in the Perfumes section.

Guerlain. Meetings with perfumer Thierry Wasser and Frédéric Sacone, as well as conversations and email correspondence with Guerlain's customer service, marketing team, and boutique staff.

Experts and connoisseurs. Talks with Will Inrig, research intern at L'Osmothèque, as well as numerous perfume blogs and forums, notably Auparfum, Esprit de Parfum, Kafkaesque, Persolaise, Sorcery of Scent and Guerlain Perfumes, and exchanges with Guerlain collectors and aficionados from around the world.

A memorable meeting with Thierry Wasser, on which occasion I received his and Jean-Paul Guerlain's words of appreciation for my enthusiasm and communication about Guerlain.

I felt very honoured when in January 2014 Guerlain suggested using Monsieur Guerlain's artwork for Thierry Wasser's box set of re-created vintage Guerlain perfumes, which was given out to select French perfume bloggers.

Literature. Reference books and other publications about Guerlain's perfumes, perfumers, bottles and history.

Indispensable book by Michèle Atlas and Alain Monniot about Guerlain perfume bottles since 1828. Published in 1997. Jean-Paul Guerlain has signed the foreword.
Comprehensive account of the Guerlain family history, by historian and perfume expert Élisabeth de Feydeau. Based on family archives, the book contains a detailed description of the professional and personal lives of the Guerlain perfumers, and the time and culture that surrounded them.
Book by perfume bottle expert Bernard Gangler showcasing Sylvie Guerlain's vast collection of Guerlain bottles and artefacts.
Guerlain's in-house training manual from 1999.
Jean-Paul Guerlain's "diary" from 2010 about the passions and love affairs behind some of his most beloved perfumes.
Jean-Paul Guerlain's 2002 autobiography in which he looks back on his family's story and his own work as a perfumer, notably his many travels for raw materials.
Guerlain marked its 150th anniversary in 1978 with a promotional book. In 96 pages, Ariel Ricaus-Barsi tells us about the classic highlights during Guerlain's first 150 years, and illustrations show both rare prints of advertisements and more private photos of interesting events, such as the opening of the new factory in Courbevoie after World War II.
Diary notes from the hand of Jean-Paul Guerlain gathered in this small booklet to commemorate his 1998 perfume Guerlinade.
Guerlain's coffee table book from 2006 to celebrate the renovation of Maison Guerlain the year before as well as the house's new exclusive lines Les Parisiennes and L'Art & la Matière, the then new perfume Insolence and the alleged sixty-eight ingredient scent Cologne du 68.
Colette Fellous' coffee table book from 1989 about the Guerlain perfumers and the time in which they lived.
Michael Edwards is a connoisseur and an authority in the subject of perfume. This is a reference book (1996) on French feminine fragrances that made a mark in 20th century perfumery.
Perfume critics Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez' guide and reviews of hundreds of perfumes.
Former UK Guerlain spokesman Roja Dove's 2008 book about perfume ingredients and accords and the world's major perfume creations.

Thank you
A huge thank you to the thousands of Guerlainophiles who support Monsieur Guerlain's community page with likes, posts, shares and comments.

A very special thank you to my editor, Linda Primeau (pictured to the right). Linda is a B.A. (Major in Fine Arts) and Guerlain Fragrance Specialist working in Vancouver, BC. She has been with Guerlain for twenty years and is an avid perfume bottle collector. One day several years ago she sent me a message, saying that she loved my Guerlain website but that it needed some editing, as I’m not a native English speaker (I’m Danish). She suggested that she could be that missing editor. I immediately said yes! Like me, she does this work unpaid, with no other incentive than an admiration for the art and science of Guerlain, and the desire to share an accumulated knowledge about the brand with other fragrance fans.

We haven't met in real life (yet!), but we correspond on a regular basis via email and on the phone. It turned out that not only is Linda highly skilled in linguistics, but also an encyclopedia of subjects related to perfume, history, art and culture. Our "marriage" is one of those rare happy ones that only makes things better.

Here is how we typically work: I will spend a few days smelling a new perfume and writing about it. I then send her a first draft, and she will edit lacking or excessive commas, misspellings, wrong word orders, sentences that are too long or too convoluted, disagreeing verb tenses, and awkward or confusing phrasings. In addition, she will say something like "the ending is too abrupt," or "you need to clarify this to the reader," or "you should describe the bottle design in greater detail." She will also edit out purple prose, or replace ordinary words with million-dollar ones. In addition, she will point out aspects in the evolution of Guerlain (like the fact that Jean-Paul Guerlain created Lavande Velours for his dog, or that the stopper of the Louis XVI bottle was inspired by a clover flower), and of perfumery in general, that I had missed. The editing continues with three or four new drafts, until we decide that it’s good to print.

You may have noticed that I usually use the royal "we" in my articles. This "we" is Linda and me. Like Guerlain is not only Thierry Wasser, Monsieur Guerlain is not only, well, Monsieur Guerlain. At this point I should specify that my texts also reflect the valuable inputs from other Guerlain lovers who comment or send messages. That’s why Monsieur Guerlain’s Facebook page is categorized as a Community.