My editor, Linda Primeau (pictured to the right), recently reminded me that 2016 marks the tenth anniversary of Monsieur Guerlain, and suggested that I announce it publicly. I agreed, provided that she would be the author. I’m really quite phobic to self-celebration. Here is her offering:

"It's been ten years since Monsieur Guerlain first posted his website chronicling his love for Guerlain's perfumes. Originally introduced to the brand in 1992 with a gift of Habit Rouge from a significant other, it sent him on a quest for more and more knowledge about Guerlain perfumes. He later told me that he started the website to fill a void in the communication about Guerlain. He has amply shown that the topics of this historic brand are inexhaustible.

About nine years ago, when I was really just getting used to the Internet, I came across the website and was taken aback by the fabulous photos of bottles. I almost fell out of my chair! Having been a Guerlain employee since 1995, I am a huge collector of bottles and was so thrilled to see the high quality, artistic pictures of Monsieur Guerlain's own collection, let alone his meticulously researched and comprehensive articles. Upon learning that English is not his mother tongue, I contacted him to offer not only my kudos, but my help in tweaking his writing just the tiniest bit. It is always so very close to perfection. Any reader will attest that his passion, knowledge, and dedication to the site come through in whatever he posts.

Since our contact, we have become fast friends through our mutual obsession with Guerlain perfumes. We used to write back and forth, sometimes several times a day, until finally, I had a Christmas wish: to talk on Skype. We connected last year and it has been enormously helpful in the exchange of ideas, sometimes not even perfume related, although Monsieur Guerlain is incredibly focused on all things Guerlain perfume.

For those who do not know him personally, he is not only intelligent but also extremely kind and generous. I have often said that what has impressed me the most about him is that he is open to learning, and never, ever takes my corrections as criticism. Sometimes, after some discussion of a topic, I defer to him and admit that he is right. It's not always easy to communicate certain details at such a distance, since I'm in Vancouver and he's in Copenhagen.

Monsieur Guerlain first used his moniker on Basenotes and that user name eventually became the title of his website. He chose not to display advertising on the site, a further testament to his unbridled enthusiasm for the line.

In fall 2011, an interviewer from a French magazine convinced him to go on Facebook. Monsieur Guerlain had long resisted but he now admits that it has opened up a whole new world of contact with other Guerlain lovers for him.

Then there was that little matter of being temporarily shut down last spring, unleashing a firestorm of protestations in comments on various sites. Thankfully the site was restored amid cheers from his legions of readers. Please join me in thanking him for all his tireless work and congratulating him on his tenth anniversary.

Linda Primeau
Editor of Monsieur Guerlain"
(September 2016)

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