Guerlain has launched the third limited edition bottle for Shalimar Souffle de Parfum. Like the two previous editions, it bears an India-inspired motif in order to celebrate the Shalimar story, this time a stylized peacock. As indicated on Guerlain's website, the peacock is the National Bird of India.

The idea of decorating the Shalimar atomizer with ornamentation painted onto the glass began in 2009 with a limited edition called Fleur de Shalimar. Created for both the EdP and Eau de Shalimar versions, the bottle came with a print of scattered vanilla orchid petals and a faux vanilla orchid attached to its neck (in navy and white respectively). In 2010, Guerlain made Edition Charms, also for the EdP and Eau de Shalimar versions, with oriental ornamentation inspired by traditional Indian jewellery and embroidery, and a golden "signet" charm engraved with the double G logo suspended from a cord around its neck.

In September 2010, Guerlain introduced a new bottle design for the Shalimar atomizer by Jade Jagger. The following year, there was a limited edition of the EdP called Fourreau du Soir ("evening sheath dress"), which had a black lace embellishment printed on the bottle's hourglass figure with a leather ribbon and bow to accentuate the décolleté neck. The first limited edition for Shalimar Souffle de Parfum arrived in 2015, which featured a Taj Mahal motif, while the 2016 edition had splashes of blue and turquoise paint applied to the front, inspired by Holi, India's Hindu spring festival.

All these "Editions Collector" of Shalimar and its flankers are leading many people to think that a seemingly endless list of Shalimar flankers exists. Even the well-informed Luca Turin is confused. "There are 15 Shalimars out there," he wrote in 2014 when Souffle de Parfum first came out. In reality, Shalimar Souffle de Parfum counts as the sixth Shalimar flanker.
(April 2017)

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