If brands wish to maintain the topical interest of a product in today's frantic market, they need to advertise it in the most cunning ways. In the fragrance industry, these ways are typically limited to hiring celebrities and launching flankers, although Guerlain claims to pursue a "disruptive" marketing trend. Hiring Angelina Jolie wasn't cheap, and with Mon Guerlain already being "so yesterday", Guerlain is forced to try to keep the output going by flogging Mon Guerlain Elixir, Mon Guerlain Intense, and then Mon Guerlain Crazy. Given what we've seen with the La Petite Robe Noire line, we can expect at least one new Mon Guerlain version per year over the next decade. The first one is called Mon Guerlain EdP Florale.

As we all know, Mon Guerlain was itself a lighter version of a previous scent, namely Mon Exclusif, a buttery, toffee-like accord of Paradisone, caramel, almond, and a touch of licorice from lavender. Paradisone is sometimes described as similar to, but much more intensely floral than Hedione, with a creamy tinge of magnolia.

The new Florale version of Mon Guerlain is advertised as adding a peony note to the mix, which I would never have guessed as an inclusion. In fact, I can barely distinguish Florale from Mon Guerlain: it still smells like La Vie Est Belle, i.e., like sugar and burnt rubber. Maybe it has a bit more Paradisone than the 2017 version, because there's a certain resemblance to Shalimar Souffle de Parfum here and there. The main difference is a more pronounced sandalwood note in the drydown, which, if it hadn't been completely drowned in white musk, would bring good old Samsara to mind.

The bottle design is unchanged for Mon Guerlain Florale, but the spray mechanism is a rosier gold as is the band that encircles the base of the cap. Read more about Mon Guerlain
(January 2018)

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